"Rob Gourlay has transcribed significant bass lines recorded by the great bassist, Sam Jones.  This book suggests to the aspiring bassist that “less is more.”  Sam Jones’ sound was infectious and swung like crazy while being the pinnacle solid rock bass player.  Internalizing these lines, the inflections, the feeling, and the clarity will certainly make any bassist a more desirable section mate while keeping the name and sound of Sam Jones out there! "  - Rufus Reid
“Like its predecessor, Walking in the Footsteps of Sam Jones is an excellent book.  The manuscript is neat, clear and easy to read, the song selection is excellent and varied, and the bass lines are killer!  I’ve spent the last two weeks stealing and learning specific phrases from different songs in all keys so they are part of my jazz vocabulary.  Whether you are learning to play jazz bass or looking to enhance your existing vocabulary, this is a very rich source of material to learn from.”
Darius Chagnon - Half Moon Bay, CA"
"I`m currently working on "Straight no Chaser", and I now understand why they say Sam Jones could Swing like no other. Its a blast to play along with. Both books are filled with a wealth of information but the "Walking in the footsteps of.. Sam Jones" is my favorite. Its like I know I`m going to pick up on another idea when I open it. Thats a cool feeling. Thank you for your time and congrats on your successful series of Jazz study books. Looking forward to the next. God Bless ya man..."
Dave Greathouse
"Thanks for your wonderful Paul Chambers and Sam Jones books. They were recommended to me by a friend and they are wonderful and extremely inspiring.
Just wanted to know when the Doug Watkins book will be available. I've just discovered him with the Jazz Messengers and want your book as soon as possible!
Hope you're well and enjoying life, Best wishes,"

Steve Amadeo, England
"So glad I ordered both books !! They are awesome and every serious bass player should have them !! "
Chris Angelino - Collinswood, NJ

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