"Walking In The Footsteps of Paul Chambers is a wonderful addition to the
recorded history of Jazz.  A transcription book of twenty-four songs, this
product is both attractive and well organized.  The notation, accompanied by
chord changes, is accurate and clearly legible.  A table of contents and
discography of recordings is included.
Performing with Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Red Garland, and a host of other
Jazz legends, Paul Chambers was the consummate bassist of the BeBop era.
Paul's walking lines, notated in Mr. Gourlay's publication, provided the
foundation for many of the classic Blue Note recordings.
As a tool for learning, Walking In The Footsteps of Paul Chambers is
invaluable.  The simplicity and beauty of PC's lines is clearly exposed here
in the sixty-eight pages of transcribed music.  Each song features Paul
walking over standard chord changes.  To study and perform these quarter
note melodies is an education unto itself.
Congratulations to Mr. Gourlay for his fine work."
Jim Stinnett, Berklee College of Music
" I agree this book is fantastic...I've been spending much of the day getting through "Mr PC". having this book will help elevate my playing considerably.... Rob should be very proud of this endeavor."
 AJ Love, Madison, WI
    "Rob Gourlay`s Walking in the footsteps of Paul Chambers has become a tremendous Learning Tool used by my Teacher and I. Studying these Transcribed Bass Lines has helped me personally look at Quarter Note possibilities in a whole new light...."
Dave Greathouse, Franklin,TN
"WALKING IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF . . . PAUL CHAMBERS is a very welcome contribution to students of jazz bass, an extended opportunity to study the approach of this master walker.  We bass students know we ought to be transcribing these lines ourselves, but even if we are, Gourlay's book has two excellent benefits: it gives us a reference point for our transcriptions, and it gives correct changes.  Furthermore, Gourlay only transcribes two or three choruses per song, leaving us the opportunity (and desire) to complete the remaining choruses.  The layout is attractive, and I really appreciate the choice of numerous standards ("Autumn Leaves," "Days of Wine and Roses," "There Will Never Be Another You," Rhythm Changes, etc.).  Finally, Gourlay adds a discography, making it easy to locate the originals.  Highly recommended."
Scott Moncrieff
Berrien Springs, Michigan
 Very well done, I'll be recommending your book to all!"
Mirek Kocandrle - Berklee College of Music
"Nice job on the book, Rob.  Good choice of tunes, nice clean script, simple and well presented.  Well worth the price-  Thanks!"
Eric Jackson - Whitby, Ont.  Canada
"A complete experience. This book allows students to practice reading while playing along with the greatest Jazz records of all time. Offering them the opportunity to play along and develop tone and time. Each transcription is an example of the greatest jazz bassist at his best. An example of what great Bass playing is all about.
Rob thanks for writing this book!!"
Bjarni Nermoe- East Stroudsburg, PA

" Rob- thanks for a really useful book."
Michael Edelman - Southeast Michigan

" Excellent tool for learning the master's approach to walking bass and developing outside the box bass lines."
Vince - California 

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