Rob Gourlay is in great demand as a performer and educator. Rob’s career has been filled with over 4000 performances at clubs, colleges, concert halls, and radio stations throughout the U.S. and Canada. He is the author of the highly acclaimed series of bass books; Walking In The Footsteps Of Paul Chambers, Walking In The Footsteps of Sam Jones, and Walking In The Footsteps of Doug Watkins. His studies have included Berklee College of Music, Charlie Banacos, Jeff Berlin & Jim Stinnett. 

"Rob is a world class bassist. He has a comprehensive understanding of the 
instrument, a rich sense of creativity and a dynamic performing style. I 
have no doubt he will continue to do great things with the instrument." - Michael Manring
  "Rob, your playing is solid as a rock and what great diversity in your playing concepts.
It is wonderful to hear such clarity throughout the instrument and you never let the groove suffer!
You are so facile on the instrument whether laying down the bottom or soloing.
BRAVO! It was a real treat for me. Thank you" - Rufus Reid
“Rob Gourlay is easily one of the greatest bass players of our time. He’s mastered the Electric 4, 5 or 6string, fretted, fretless, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Slap, Tap. It’s crazy!! Rob Gourlay should be a household name. He is ABSOLUTELY one of my favorite bass players and human beings!” – Todd Johnson

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